About Us

The Guys

Both Lee and Hal are active Law Enforcement training consultants, MDPS Enhanced Permit Certified Firearms Instructors, and current in continuing education training courses.

Roy Lee Wall III

Lee Wall

Lee Wall is a course graduate of the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He is currently a three division Master Class Shooter in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), and a certified N.R.A. law enforcement instructor in handgun, shotgun, and tactical shooting. Active in the competitive shooting arena, Lee is also the president of Rivers Bend Sport Shooters Association in Greenwood.

Harry F. “Hal” Williams

Hal Williams

Hal Williams is a N.R.A. Certified Civilian Handgun Instructor, and has been shooting competitively for eight years. Hal currently holds a USPSA Master Classification in Limited, and an “A” classification in Open, Limited 10, and Production.

Mission Statement

Delta Defense Training strives:

  • to meet the continuing demand for quality and correctly trained civilians and law enforcement in handgun skills;
  • to utilize the most modern and effective techniques to completely prepare each participant to competently, effectively, and safely employ a firearm in competition or in defense;
  • above all, to instill a mind-set of survivability in an ever increasingly violent world, remembering the mind is always the most effective and the first component in every situation.