Training Courses

Proper firearms handling and employment are acquired motor skills. These skills must be practiced and exercised to be maintained and recalled in critical situations. We offer initial, advanced, and recurrent firearms training at reasonable prices.

Minimum required for issuance of Mississippi Enhanced Permit

  • $200, plus minimum of 150 rounds ammo
  • 8 hours in duration

Our Church/School Security Team Training is a 22 hour course that includes Enhanced Endorsement
and teaches the fundamental skill set, movement within a structure, pairs work or working with a
team mate and out of position/non standard work.

  • $500 per person, ammo cost is additional
  • Requires 500 rounds of ammo

This is our “complete” course, designed for the beginner as well as the individual with knowledge
but little or no formal training.

The course begins in the classroom where skills and fundamentals are discussed and practiced.
We then proceed to live fire training on our private range, where you will utilize practical application
of the skills discussed in the classroom.

Completing this course supplies the participant with a complete skill set. If this is the only formal
training the student receives, all the basic skills will have been introduced.

  • From $300
  • 6 hours interactive classroom and up to 8 hours on the range
  • One or Two-day format available – One day: 250 rounds, Two days: 500 round
  • Active Leo’s/Military – $250 per day or $650 for a Three day course

This is our law enforcement officer skills refresher course. It is designed to remind the officer of skills
that are not/have not been utilized in awhile. To enhance the mindset of survivability.

We understand the time and financial constraints common to LEO’s. This course is intended to be
completed in one day due to the scheduling demands officers encounter. Our goal is to refresh and
enhance each officers skills and mindset to ensure they always make it home at the end of their shifts.

  • 750+ rds
  • 2hrs classroom / 8hrs range
  • $250

This course is meant to be the “starting point” to understanding the defensive/tactical long gun.
Whether assault type carbine/rifle or shotgun, the class is the foundation for managing a long gun
in a defensive situation.

  • One day
  • 500 RDS rifle or 50 RDS buckshot, 20 RDS slug, 250 RDS bird shot
  • $350

This level begins with a brief saftey disscussion to determine the participants skill level
and currency. The training encompasses a brief “warmup” followed by out of position/non standard
shooting positions. Level one is not a prerequisite, but handgun competincy and knowledge are.

This is a one,two or three day class.

  • 750 Rounds Per Training Day
  • $350 Per Training Day

This course adds to your long gun skill set. It combines the basic fundamentals/knowledge
of Level One with the ability to be mobile and function from nontraditional shooting positions.
Developing a functional rig from which to deploy your equipment and manage your gear.

  • One or Two days
  • 750 RDS rifle or 50 RDS buckshot, 40 RDS slug, 350 RDS bird shot per day
  • $350 Per Training Day
  • Active Leo’s/Military – $250 per day or $650 for a Three day course

This is advanced hand-gunning, PERIOD.

As always, a safety briefing/discussion begins the day. The focus is on increasing the participants
speed and accuracy. Movement is included in nearly all aspects of this course. Strong hand/weak
hand shooting skills, precision handgun skills, and determining the individuals max effective range.
Understanding muzzle awareness and positional awareness.

The participant must have had some type of FORMAL HANDGUN training and be CURRENT
in their handgun skills. We reserve the right to deny participation based on a lack of
competency and or safety.

  • One, Two, or Three Day Class
  • 750+ RDS Per Training Day
  • $350 Per Training Day

This course is the combining of the defensive handgun and the carbine/shotgun.
The effective utilization of both firearms as a unit or systems package.

  • One or Two days
  • 750 RDS rifle or 50 RDS buckshot, 20 RDS slug, 350 RDS birds hot
  • 750 RDS handgun
  • $350 Per Training Day
  • Active Leo’s/Military – $250 per day or $650 for a Three day course



  • Knee and elbow pads are optional
  • Suitable defensive rifle/carbine or shotgun
  • A suitable means to transport your gear:
    chest rig, battle belt, plate carriers, drop pouches, sling bags, etc.
  • 6 Mags for rifle/shell carriers for shotgun ammo
  • Same handgun equipment as required in handgun only courses
  • Same safety equipment as required in handgun only courses

What you must provide:

  • an open mind
  • an honest declaration of your skills
  • an honest effort to learn and adapt
  • a suitable, functioning handgun
    If you don’t have one, we can provide one
  • the required ammo
    We have a wholesale ammo provider if you desire. Advanced notice required
  • appropriate holster and mag pouches or speed loaders (the more the better)
  • sturdy belt
  • eye protection
  • hearing protection
  • cap
  • comfortable shoes/boots
  • long pants are preferred
  • snacks/hydration